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Landscaping Bark

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1000 Litres of Play Bark - Brilliant Value for money.

Produced from mixed conifer bark predominantly of pine in origin

Durable and long lasting easy to use and maintain

Retains Moisture in soil to keep borders and planters in peak condition

Helps to deters pests such as slugs.

Suitable for use in rural or urban areas

90% of particles range from 8-40mm

100% natural product and contains no additives or colouring

Fines content less than 5%

Contains minimal whitewood, normally within 10% (by volume basis)

The weight / volume ratio (bulk density) is normally in the range of 200-300kg/m3

Free from pests, weeds, pathogens and has not been treated with methyl bromide

Free of all foreign matter such as large stones, plastic, glass and any other extraneous materials

Mid brown in colour with a pleasant odour 

BS 7188-1998 Ease of Ignition Test

Landscape bark
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